The Xenologist

Who is The Xenologist?

A master within the theoretical field of Xenology, the Xenologist is an independent researcher who prefers to stay anonymous. The Xenologist is a self funded field researcher pursuing to take steps into the unknown. Already having experience within space travel and planetary exploration, the Xenologist has come across a crucial discovery leading to the possibly of life in The Alpha Anoteros System.

What do we know about the Xenologist?

The Xenologist is rather hard to get a reading of, being rather enigmatic and a recluse. Not much emotion is shown from the Xenologist, and is one of few words. Passionate and fixated on the research of Xenology makes the Xenologist the best within the field. Want to get in the mind of the Xenologist? Take a look into the Journal Entries of their journey into the Alpha Anoteros System!​

Inspect The Xenologist Tools and Tech

The Xenologist has access to an array of specialized tools, vehicles, and countless tech that you can read about in the tools section here!​