Slim Reaper

Fun Fact: Fastest xeno on Terra Zoi, running at speeds of 150km/h!

  • Scientific Name: Cynacanth

  • Behavior : Aggressive, Grouped

  • Habitat : Rainforest, Forest

  • Diet : Carnivore

  • Avg. Life Span : Up to 100 years

  • Endangerment Status : Near Threatened

Slim Reapers are highly intelligent pack hunters that never venture out alone. Possessing remarkable speed and agility, they are perfectly adapted for hunting in the challenging terrain of Terra Zoi. With their sleek frame and sharp reflexes, Slim Reapers can deftly maneuver through even the roughest terrain, quickly closing in on their prey. Once within striking range, they use their glaive-like elbow spines to pin down their quarry and deliver a fatal blow.

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