Entry 3: Terra Zoi

Day 10:

Today, Terra Zoi reminded me of the danger that comes with exploration. It started as a routine day of research, with DOG and I setting out to collect data on the unique flora and fauna that inhabit this remarkable planet. However, as we trekked deeper into the jungle, we noticed a change in the atmosphere. The sky, once a brilliant blue, turned an ominous shade of purple, and a sudden gust of wind shook the trees.

Before we could react, the rain started to pour down on us, heavy drops slamming against our suits. The rain was so heavy that it became difficult to see more than a few feet ahead of us. We knew we had to make a run for our campsite, and quickly. I could feel my heart pounding as I took off running, DOG running right beside me.

The terrain was treacherous, and the rain made it even more difficult to navigate. But we pushed on, our determination to reach safety overpowering any fear. We eventually reached our campsite, drenched to the bone and panting from the exertion.

Despite the danger, I couldn't help but be awestruck by the natural beauty of the storm. The dark purple clouds overhead created an otherworldly, eerie atmosphere that was both captivating and intimidating. I made a mental note to study this phenomenon further, once the storm had passed.

As we waited out the storm in our campsite, DOG and I worked on analyzing the data we had already collected, grateful for the safety and shelter of our camp. Despite the challenges of the day, I am reminded of the incredible privilege it is to be among the first to explore this breathtaking planet.

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