What are Xenopets?

Xenopets is a lore driven project that will launch February 22, 2022. The first generation of Xenos will come from Planet Terra Zoi and consists of 10 different species, each with its own unique body shapes and attributes! Become a Xenologist and run your own Xeno Zoo by minting one of the first Xenopets.

Welcome to the Xenoverse!

Embark on an interstellar mission with the Xenologist to the Alpha Anoteros System, in planetary search for the discovery of xenos! Four planets to discover; Xeros Sfaria, Pagos Prasinos, Mykitas Thanatos, and our first stop Terra Zoi!

Need more information before travel?

Stop by the INFO department to be briefed on topics you may be interested in such as; Contract, Minting, Roadmap, and How to Mint.