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Fun Fact: Fauxvines have developed a way to incorporate certain fungi into their body chemistry, allowing them to produce potent toxins that can be used for both offense and defense.


  • Scientific Name: Phyto Taurus
  • Behavior : Passive
  • Habitat : Rainforest
  • Diet : Herbivore
  • Avg. Life Span : Up to 120 years
  • Endangerment Status : Least Concern


Fauxvines are a unique species that have evolved through a symbiotic relationship with the indigenous fungi of Terra Zoi. Over time, this cooperative coexistence has caused visible mutations in the Fauxvines' physical form. These xenos possess a remarkable array of fungi overgrowing throughout their bodies, rendering them inedible to all creatures on the planet except for The Twins, who are immune to their toxins.
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