The Twins

Fun Fact: Despite their shared internal organs, each head has its own distinct taste preferences, leading to interesting food choices and conflicts between the two heads.

  • Scientific Name: Diplocephalian

  • Behavior : Unpredictable

  • Habitat : Rainforest

  • Diet : Carnivore

  • Avg. Life Span : Up to 120 years

  • Endangerment Status : Endangered Species

The Twins are a unique and enigmatic species, possessing two heads that share internal organs but exhibit distinct personalities. The interplay between the two heads determines the behavior of the conjoined body, making their actions highly unpredictable. Despite this, The Twins have managed to survive and thrive on Terra Zoi, thanks to their ability to adapt to different situations. However, the loss of one head can be catastrophic, leading to the eventual immobilization and demise of the remaining head.

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