Red Robber

Fun Fact: A group of Red Robbers is called a heist!

  • Scientific Name: Xenolestes

  • Behavior : Stalker, Passive, Unpredictable, Solitary

  • Habitat : Rainforest, Grassland, Forest

  • Diet : Carnivore

  • Avg. Life Span : Up to 80 years

  • Endangerment Status : Endangered Species

Red Robbers are notorious kleptoparasites, often stealing kills and eggs from other xenos. Using their wings, they are highly agile and can rapidly navigate the rugged terrain of Terra Zoi with remarkable unpredictability. Rather than defending or fighting, Red Robbers prefer to flee, relying on their exceptional speed to escape danger. Though Red Robbers are rarely killed in the wild, the lack of trust and limited breeding opportunities within the species have led to a decrease in their population.

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