Fun Fact: When caught alone, shrieking is their last stand of defense!

  • Scientific Name: Chromialeproid

  • Behavior : Aggressive, Grouped

  • Habitat : Grassland, Forest

  • Diet : Carnivore

  • Avg. Life Span : Up to 30 years

  • Endangerment Status : Vulnerable Species

Bunios are a highly perilous species of xenos, notorious for their pack-hunting behavior, which often comprises more than ten individuals. Deceptively benign in appearance, Bunios conceal multiple layers of razor-sharp teeth and are armed with lethal talons, capable of inflicting significant damage to any creature on Terra Zoi. Although they possess the skill and ferocity to vanquish any potential foe, Bunios tend to remain elusive, inhabiting remote locations and avoiding other xenos until their feeding time arrives.

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