Pagos Prasinos

  • Biomes: Oceans, Ice-Plains, Tundra, Forest

  • Precautions: TSS, Rebreather attachment, ARM, Refraction Optics

  • Level of Danger: High Danger

The farthest and coldest planet in the Alpha Anoteros system, Pagos Prasinos is primarily a frozen tundra with an unusual green hue. Peculiarly, Pagos does maintain warmer temperatures within its poles, unlike other planets we have observed. Top Xenologists speculate that if there are any Xenos on the planet, they are likely to be mostly aquatic. However, there is the possibility of some semiaquatic, or maybe even land-dwelling, Xenos near the poles as we have picked up on trace amounts of plant-life there. If this is the case, Pagos Prasinos may also support vegetation and habitable land in these areas.

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