Red Robber

Fun Fact: A group of Red Robbers is called a heist!


  • Scientific Name: Xenolestes
  • Behavior : Stalker, Passive, Unpredictable, Solitary
  • Habitat : Rainforest, Grassland, Forest
  • Diet : Carnivore
  • Avg. Life Span : Up to 80 years
  • Endangerment Status : Endangered Species


Red Robbers are true kleptoparasites, stealing other xenos kills or favorably eggs. Utilizing its wings, the Red Robber unpredictably and swiftly leap around the rough terrains of Terra Zoi. Red Robbers are known for not defending or fighting, but rather fleeing. Red Robbers are rarely killed in the wild, but the lack of trust and breeding within the species is reducing the population.
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